Instructions for the “BY ALL MEANS” Fitness Competition

Welcome TMF Competitors...

Thank you for joining this fitness competition. By joining, you’ve made the decision to make a change, accomplish your goals, lose weight, and become stronger. You will need to be focused, dedicated, and have consistency while being apart of this competition. It’s going to require some hard work but it will be fun. 

You have January 5-11th, to complete your initial weigh-in and you must weigh-in every 2 weeks after.  The last day of the weigh-ins is April 11, 2019. Notifications will come from either your email or FitManager app. 
***If you forget to weigh-in, you will FORFEIT your position and fee for the competition.***
The weigh-in location: 
Oxnard Nutrishop
Oxnard, CA 93036

- Make sure you weigh-in before January 11 @ 6pm
- Create your profile on Fitmanager app so you can track your progress and placing the competitions (the employees at Oxnard Nutrishop are very helpful).
- Meal plans (Traditional/Vegan/Keto) are available.
- Fitness regimens (Gym & home) are available upon request
- If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at my cell, email, Facebook or Instagram page (Ty’s Military Fitness). 
I hope you’re ready to workout, lose weight, and become No. 1... By All Means!!!

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